Graphic Design Works

Promotional Graphics, Flyers, Website Design & Product Photography for Eagle Engraving, Inc.

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Corporate Identity Development 
for Watershed Farms LLC.

This company wanted a design that suggested pure farming of Cannabis using water from the mountains.

Working with them through messaging and in-person consultation from their initial concept, the final designs can be seen here. 


This brochure is a sample of my layout and organizing skills, featuring gunpowder artist Cai Guo-Quiang. This is a sample and not a comissioned brochure.

This brochure features a glance at my management of a text and image economy. I use pleasing colors and shapes to guide the reader's eye across the brochure.

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Logo Design for American Taekwondo Association Legacy Masters' Tournament 2011 


Working directly with Sr. Master David Kikkoen, co-owner of the Frankfort, IL Black Belt Academy, a logo was produced to encompass all of the most important representative images of the Legacy Masters' Tournament. This logo was used on pins and shirts at the tournament.




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